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Solar panels can lower your utility bills by more than 50% almost immediately. Solar tiles are so durable, they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity -- whichever comes first. Click here to turn your home into a personal utility.


Ross Roofing's licensed, bonded, fully insured and BBB accredited workers specialize in repairing roofs as quickly and inexpensively as possible. No matter if it's an old roof or just some repairs, see why we are better than the rest at getting in and getting it done.


There are a lot of variables involved in making your old roof new again -- pricing, product availability and more. Why go with a roofing contractor who may submit a low-cost bid, then piles on repeated change orders and empties your bank account balance? Click here to see why Ross Roofing is the better alternative!


Unlike other roofing companies, we've been around for 69 years. How many other roofing companies can say that? Click here to check out the many reasons why Ross Roofing gives you comparatively, competitively better service than most other roofing companies in the area.

About Us

Diamond Certified's rigorous 12-step company certification process is the most reliable anywhere. DS surveys a large, random sample of REAL customers by telephone to get the most accurate rating and verify only actual customers are responding. By surveying from a company’s entire customer base, it ensures the results of its study, good or bad, truly represent the company’s customer satisfaction level. All responses for each Diamond Certified company are displayed on its Diamond Certified Company Report page.

Each respondent is identified by first name and last initial to protect their privacy. If a response is overtly negative or a respondent’s first name is easily identifiable because of uniqueness (either due to its rare use in American society or because of small respondent sample sizes), the name will be altered using a strict formula. This is to protect the anonymity of the respondent while including their feedback for other consumers to review.

Companies must score Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise™ (a 90+ on a 100 scale) and pass all our credential-based ratings to earn Diamond Certified. By requiring such a high score to qualify, DS cuts out mediocre and poorly performing companies. It then conducts ongoing research and ratings to ensure all companies maintain their high performances. Click here for more information.

The new BBB rating system relies on an A+ through F letter grade scale. The grades represent BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with the BBB. The ratings system relies on a proprietary formula that takes into account 17 factors based on objective information and actual incidences of a business’s behavior that have been verified and evaluated by BBB professionals. Click here for more information.

When a review is labeled 'TrustLink Verified Review', it means that the customer who wrote the review was engaged in some type of business transaction with the company. This label is added to the review only if we can verify that the experience in the review took place. Potential customers reading a 'TrustLink Verified' review can use the information to help them decide which reviews are helpful in their decision to do business with the company. If a review is not marked as 'TrustLink Verified Review', it doesn't mean that the customer didn't have that experience with the company. It simply means that we weren't able to verify that the transaction took place because the customer did not go through one of our channels of communication with the company. Click here for more information.

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors are the top tier of the Owens Corning exclusive network. They meet strict standards for professionalism, reliability and unparalleled craftsmanship. Only they can offer Owens Corning's best roofing system warranty.

Unlike low-cost commodity-driven roof systems, a high performance FiberTite roof is part of an overall roofing system that requires a higher level of product knowledge. Even the most experienced FiberTite single-ply roofing contractor can benefit from a refresher course.

Meet the Monterey Peninsula's Most Trusted Roofing Company

Ross Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing & solar business that has been in business since 1950. We service both commercial and residential areas. With an excessive amount of competitors in the industry, it can be difficult to distinguish one roofing and solar company from the next, let alone compare services and make an educated decision.

Ross Roofing is aware that the contracting–or to be specific– the roofing and solar industry is extremely competitive, and there are multiple options to choose from. As a result, we have developed some very important processes to distinguish ourselves from the marketplace.

In an industry that rarely changes its approaches and processes, Ross Roofing is a different breed of company, utilizing technology and its latest conveniences to further enhance our customer service levels and the overall way that we service out clientelle.

The general marketplace and the typical customer have changed greatly in the past 20 years. Since Ross Roofing has a long history of serving the community, we have seen these changes, and that has allowed us the opportunity of innovating and adapting with the marketplace, according to the new customer’s needs. We are always implementing the latest technology and finding ways to improve our strategies, concepts and ideas to ensure the most satisfaction possible for the customer.


“Our main philosophy has always been to treat the customer right, fairly and with a Christian themed ‘do unto others’ philosophy.”
- Mike Ross, Owner


And with 68 years of experience, we have had an extended amount of time to build an exceptional legacy–something that we intend on keeping and exceeding over the next few years. That length of time has awarded us with an excellent reputation which is one of the biggest factors to pay attention to when choosing a roofing company.


Mike Ross, Owner

Mike Ross comes from a roofing family and is the third generation owner of Ross Roofing & Solar which was founded in 1950 by his grandfather. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Construction Management from Brigham Young University (1995). Mike enjoys the fast pace of the roofing world and delighting his customers by providing top quality roofing installations. Mike successfully added the ability to install single-ply roofing (PVC), standing seam metal roofs and also all types of solar installs to the company's skill set. In his free time Mike enjoys his family and also fishing, spending time in a hammock under the stars by any river, surfing, and golf. He is a scoutmaster for Troop 187 in Seaside and gets a kick out of helping the boys step away from their video games by getting them outside to breathe fresh air.


Monique Maldonado, Administrative Assistant

Monique has worked for Ross Roofing since 2016. She handles the majority of office paperwork, data entry and customer service. She works directly with entire office staff, including the owner, Mike Ross. She prepares billing, statements and work orders. She coordinates permit submittals and proper completion. She has a strong knowledge of how counties and city ordinances operate and keeps up with the numerous changes within those areas. She keeps the staff up to date on the latest safety changes and regulations in the roofing world. She attends numerous seminars for administrative, office management and financial training. Most importantly, she plans our Taco Truck parties! Monique loves working with the 110% genuinely ethical people who love & treat everyone like family & with the upmost respect. MOnique lives in Marina (so she gets to bike to work)!

The Ross Advantage

Put Us to the Test!

California requires residential roofing contractors to be licensed. Before hiring a contractor, make sure the company has a valid license in good standing. Required Licenses All Ross Roofing employees are licensed and bonded.
Roofing contractors should carry two types of insurance: workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. Without workers comp, you are responsible for paying for any injuries which occur on your property. Insurance Coverage All Ross Roofing employees and subcontractors carry both workers comp and liability insurance.
Roofing contractors should have an established history of doing excellent work in our area. Without that history, you have no way of knowing if a roofing contractor has the skills, experience and results you deserve Longevity Ross Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing & solar business that has been in business since 1950. We service both commercial and residential areas.
Not only is choosing the right roofing contractor critically important, but also choosing the right roofing product, with the right materials and workmanship warranty, is crucial as well. Materials Our salespeople are experts in what materials work best in our Monterey Peninsula climate. With 68 years experience, we know what materials work best in any local city.
You need to be able to easily communicate with the contractor. Roofers should willingly answer your questions and provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your roof. Communication Skills We pride ourselves on being proactive, positive communicators. We love to keep you in the loop about your roof, so you don't have to guess where we are in the building process.
Many roofing warranties are one-sided -- against you, the homeowner. Even many years from now, you could be stuck with a roof repair bill and very little (if any relief) per your warranty's terms and conditions. Warranty Click here to see why Ross Roofing's warranty is one of the best around, and protects you, the homeowner!
Ask the roofing contractor if their employees/subcontractors are trained to do high-quality work. Insufficient training increases the risk of injuries, and may even delay the completion of your roof. Trained Employees or Subcontractors Our offices are lined with our employees' training certificates of completion. Ask us who will be working on your roof, and about their training depth!
Always insist on a written contract which protects both parties and reduces the financial risk of making such a big investment. Then before the contractor does any work on your roof, ask for a work plan. It will list all the materials to be used, the anticipated start and end date of the project and other details about your roofing project. Written Contract / Work Plan Ross Roofing insists on written contracts and work plans, because it ensures we are both working off the same page -- literally!
Talk with roofing contractors with a positive reputation in your community. Absent a personal referral, read online reviews or check with the Better Business Bureau. And check their references, too. Positive Reputation Ross Roofing's 5-star rating, plus its A+ BBB rating, makes us a very credible business to bid on your roofing project!
Commissioned salespeople will often price gouge you, leaving you to pay more (so they make larger commissions). Non-Commissioned Sales Ross Roofing's salespeople are on salary, not commission, so you can be assured that you're getting the best deal possible.


Our Capabilities

Ross Roofing provides a variety of residential and commercial roofing services for clients in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, including new construction roofing, repairs, reroofing, waterproofing and real estate roof inspections.

Our family-owned and operated company has decades of experience working with all types of high-quality roofing materials, including:

  • Single ply PVC FiberTite
  • TPO membranes
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal, wood, synthetic blends
  • Concrete
  • Two-piece clay tile roofing

We are also Monterey County’s only certified Owens Corning Platinum Level Shingle Installer. Our employees are factory trained and certified FiberTite, DuroLast, Metal Roofing and Tile Roofing Institute product applicators.

Our Roofing Specialies

  • New Roof Construction: We make roofing one less component of your building project that you have to worry about.
  • Re-Roofing: We install all types of retrofit and recover roof systems. All products covered. Over Six decades of experience.
  • Roof Repair: Have a nightmare leak that no one else has been able to solve? Bring it on! We have one of the highest success ratios of leak-busting in our area. Yes, we are that confident.
  • Gutters: Our gutter installations are second to none.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop: We can handle nearly all custom sheet metal fabrication roof applications. We employ trained and experienced sheet metal workers at our company so that we can avoid unnecessary subcontracting whenever possible.
  • Foundation Waterproofing: We specialize in critical below grade foundation waterproofing applications. We have a proven track record of success that alleviates building owner anxiety with this critical component of construction.
  • Walkout Decks: We install all types of walk out decks from DesertCrete and Gaco Western to Bituthene waterproofing below tile and also other walk out deck solutions.
  • Real Estate Inspections: There are Roof Inspections, and there are “roof inspections”. Most roof inspections on today’s market are several paragraphs filled with roofing jargon that you might not be able to accurately understand. Not at Ross Roofing. You will receive a report with many photographs and an explanation as to what is right or wrong in the picture you are looking at. We are well known on the Peninsula for our professional photo documented inspections and proposals. Our inspections are affordable, accurate and honest. If you are a real estate pro looking to significantly upgrade what you provide your clients with for a roof inspection, call us today and be prepared to be impressed.


Here's a secret in the roofing warranty industry:

Many basic roofing warranties are worthless to the consumer.

Most are prorated with a nebulous “reduction figure” for today’s dollars to protect the manufacturer. For example: if you paid $5,000 for a roofing shingle product today, and 11-15 years later the product failed, the manufacturer might only pay out the prorated amount of 1/600 per month left on the warranty tied to an allotted dollar figure.

That means for a typical 3,000 square foot home with basic product, you might get back a couple hundred dollars!

Why Ross Roofing's New Roof Warranty is Better

Ross Roofing's new roof warranties are a good example for consumer protection:

  • There is no nebulous “reduction figure” to be prorated.
  • All labor, roof tear off costs, material, disposal fees, roof removal, and installation of materials are completely covered at no cost to the building owner.
  • If your roof leaks for any reason due to faulty workmanship, that leak will also be repaired at no cost to you. In most cases, Ross Roofing will waive the cost of this extended warranty.

How long does this warranty last, you ask? 50 years in most cases!

If you are in the market for a new roof, please ask your Ross Roofing Pro to explain your warranty options. They can be complex and confusing, but a good roofing contractor who is an expert in his field will be able to help you make perfect sense of every facet of your warranty options.

Take the Next Step!

Click here to see why working with Ross Roofing is a better deal for you than working with another roofing contractor. Then click here to contact us today!


For BIG Reasons to Switch to Solar Roofing

With energy costs continually increasing, switching to alternative power sources like solar energy is more sensible than ever!

As a roofing company that specializes in solar roofing, we've seen at least four reasons why you should switch to solar roofing:

  • You Enjoy Significant Energy Savings: A solar roof works by charging a high-capacity battery -- your home’s primary energy source. Your home only switches back to the electrical grid when the battery needs to charge. If your average daily consumption is significantly less than the battery’s full capacity, you can even sell your excess power back to your provider.
  • Your Property Value Increases: Some homeowners hesitate to have solar panels installed on their residential roofing because of the perceived loss in curb appeal. While the aesthetic of solar panels is not for everyone, the energy savings still boosts your home’s overall value. The National Appraisal Journal states that for every dollar saved in annual utility bills through solar energy systems, your home’s value increases by approximately $20.
  • You Become Eligible for Tax Credits or Rebates: In addition to savings on energy costs, you can be eligible for up to a 30% federal tax credit if your home uses a solar-based energy source, resulting in even further savings. Certain states and counties also offer rebates to incentivize homeowners and businesses to invest in solar energy. In fact, it is entirely possible for your solar roof to pay for itself in less than a year.
  • It Makes Your Home Greener: Power from the grid is generated using fossil fuels. Not only is it a finite energy source; it also fluctuates depending on the market. Solar power, on the other hand, is a clean and sustainable energy source and with a minimal carbon footprint. If you’re looking into getting a LEED certification for your home, having a solar energy source is the right way to go. And the best part is, it makes your home virtually blackout-proof.

Take the Next Step!

Don't wait to experience all four of these advantages. Contact Ross Roofing today for your personalized, no-obligation solar energy audit!


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