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Our Capabilities

Ross Roofing provides a variety of residential and commercial roofing services for clients in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, including new construction roofing, repairs, reroofing, waterproofing and real estate roof inspections.

Our family-owned and operated company has decades of experience working with all types of high-quality roofing materials, including:

  • Single ply PVC FiberTite
  • TPO membranes
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal, wood, synthetic blends
  • Concrete
  • Two-piece clay tile roofing

We are also Monterey County’s only certified Owens Corning Platinum Level Shingle Installer. Our employees are factory trained and certified FiberTite, DuroLast, Metal Roofing and Tile Roofing Institute product applicators.

Our Roofing Specialies

  • New Roof Construction: We make roofing one less component of your building project that you have to worry about.
  • Re-Roofing: We install all types of retrofit and recover roof systems. All products covered. Over Six decades of experience.
  • Roof Repair: Have a nightmare leak that no one else has been able to solve? Bring it on! We have one of the highest success ratios of leak-busting in our area. Yes, we are that confident.
  • Gutters: Our gutter installations are second to none.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop: We can handle nearly all custom sheet metal fabrication roof applications. We employ trained and experienced sheet metal workers at our company so that we can avoid unnecessary subcontracting whenever possible.
  • Foundation Waterproofing: We specialize in critical below grade foundation waterproofing applications. We have a proven track record of success that alleviates building owner anxiety with this critical component of construction.
  • Walkout Decks: We install all types of walk out decks from DesertCrete and Gaco Western to Bituthene waterproofing below tile and also other walk out deck solutions.
  • Real Estate Inspections: There are Roof Inspections, and there are “roof inspections”. Most roof inspections on today’s market are several paragraphs filled with roofing jargon that you might not be able to accurately understand. Not at Ross Roofing. You will receive a report with many photographs and an explanation as to what is right or wrong in the picture you are looking at. We are well known on the Peninsula for our professional photo documented inspections and proposals. Our inspections are affordable, accurate and honest. If you are a real estate pro looking to significantly upgrade what you provide your clients with for a roof inspection, call us today and be prepared to be impressed.


Here's a secret in the roofing warranty industry:

Many basic roofing warranties are worthless to the consumer.

Most are prorated with a nebulous “reduction figure” for today’s dollars to protect the manufacturer. For example: if you paid $5,000 for a roofing shingle product today, and 11-15 years later the product failed, the manufacturer might only pay out the prorated amount of 1/600 per month left on the warranty tied to an allotted dollar figure.

That means for a typical 3,000 square foot home with basic product, you might get back a couple hundred dollars!

Why Ross Roofing's New Roof Warranty is Better

Ross Roofing's new roof warranties are a good example for consumer protection:

  • There is no nebulous “reduction figure” to be prorated.
  • All labor, roof tear off costs, material, disposal fees, roof removal, and installation of materials are completely covered at no cost to the building owner.
  • If your roof leaks for any reason due to faulty workmanship, that leak will also be repaired at no cost to you. In most cases, Ross Roofing will waive the cost of this extended warranty.

How long does this warranty last, you ask? 50 years in most cases!

If you are in the market for a new roof, please ask your Ross Roofing Pro to explain your warranty options. They can be complex and confusing, but a good roofing contractor who is an expert in his field will be able to help you make perfect sense of every facet of your warranty options.

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